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Why Choose To Play BluBeri Gaming Slot Games

Bluberi Gaming Technologies was established with a motto: “Gaming Built Around You.” And this simply tells the story behind their existence which is to create casino games that will thrill players in the exact way they want to experience online slot games.

With over 25 years of experience in the casino gaming industry which they started by being a specialist in a land-based casino, Bluberi Gaming Technologies whose headquarter is based in Quebec, Canada with other offices in the United State since they started venturing into an online casino has begun to take the industry by storm.

With over 175 employees in their ranks, it is no brainer how they have recruited an army of hardware engineers, games designers, graphics designers, sound specialists, mathematicians, programmers who are capable of flinging their magic wands to make things happen.

All these efforts are backed by a dedicated quality control department. This is a reason they could create their own things and earn patents in Class II and Class III gaming tiers, which include various bonuses, jackpot, and tournament technology owned by them.

Bluberi has never been known to be an adopter rather they always choose to redefine the plot of the online slot gaming world by being at the forefront of research and development of their own. This they have carefully achieved by scheming their methodology and advancements in the fields of predictive analytics, insights, and gaming behavior.

This way, they have gained great prominence in a short time and have attracted the attention of millions of new players all over the world with this single decision. You will agree players are looking out for unique and custom made games different from the regulars, that's what Bluberi will serve you.

Bluberi slots are earlier hosted on 2D graphics but with the advancement wave sweeping through, they have moved a host of their games to a more premium 3D visual fully packed with massive progressive jackpots which some are categories. Bluberi Gaming Jackpot is split into 3 categories offering various degrees of incentives.

The first being the LAP (Local Progressive Jackpots) games whose progressive jackpot in a single game is shared among several games in the same casino log, then there is the WAP (Wide Area Progressive Jackpots), with this, a progressive jackpot of a single game can be smashed by playing a game at other casinos.

The last being the biggest fish is the WAM (Mystery Jackpot); for these games, the progressive jackpot of one or several games are shared and can be won regardless of the outcome in the game being played.

Other forms of bonuses and incentives come in Free Spins, Wild Symbols, and Pick’em Bonuses. And these are just top class benefits aside from the already amazing high-quality titles with bright and colorful visuals that come with the games.

Just as you have seen that Bluberi slot games are typically for the American markets; United States, Latin America, and Canada where they have secured all the necessary licenses to operate in those regions abiding by very strict regulations which are quality and conformity based.

But with their collaboration with one of the biggest names in the industry, Microgaming, BluBeri can now offer their games into every other part of the world via the Quickfire platforms and that is why these games can be available on Wazobet. You should give it a trial for the sake of the mouthwatering bonuses.

Can You Try Bluberi Gaming Slots Games for Free?

Wazobet has always prided itself as an online slot and casino platform that proposes immersive experiences for their players because it is the only way they can be willing to play.

Bluberi Gaming slots are available for free for all on the Wazobet platform solely for your entertainment. Only when you get thrilled in a free play mode can you learn all the rudiments of a game without losing a dime after which you would have gained the confidence to play for the real money games when you can actually start cashing out big time.

So get on Wazobet today, search for the much talked about Bluberi Games, and launch into any of their available titles without any registration or initial deposit required. But note that to start playing for the real money games, then you will need to deposit to earn real money.

Bluberi Gaming slots payout rates?

Bluberi Gaming Games are quite competitive in the casino and it offers players varieties of means to always ensure have something to milk on. From the 3 categories of a jackpot to amazing bonuses and loads of free spin.

More importantly, their RTP also offers some great deals as their games range from 94% to 97% which is pretty decent given the quality of their titles.

Top 15 Slots From Bluberi Games

Good Feathers Slots
This slot offers an opportunity to win some impressive amounts attributable to the additional bonus features and base game prize-winning including a top payout of 250,000. A Blueberi gaming gangster-themed slot will always attract the slots players' attention irrespective of their choice. Inside the Free Spins features, there are rewards, various types of free spins, exploding symbols, and collapsing new symbols that activate the FBI investigation incentive, etc.

Legendary Dragon Warriors Slot
The Dragons of Fire and Water were locked in combat for centuries, both too strong to defeat the other. Each of them has trained a human champion to break this loop, who fights in their place. The rules are very simple – a struggle to death – but fate has set the deadly mortal warriors a different path. Join the chase and the escape of the lovers, where the profits are as high as the stakes, in a visually dazzling spectacle that rewards true talent and player engagement.

Burglin’ Bob Slot
Burglin 'Bob is a marvelous latest video slot built as a partnership between Microgaming and Bluberi Gaming. Burglin 'Bob is an inventive online slot with a recognizable burglar theme, and how they manage to snatch something that catches their eye. Burglin 'Bob has beautiful visuals, enticing graphics and Thirty set paylines on five reels. Up to Sixty free spins are available and all wins experience a 2x multiplier. You can gain more free spins by hitting more bonus symbols on the reels.

Grizzly Fury Slot
Wildlife races in Calgary pose a danger when the experiences come to bear. Two hikers agree to go climbing despite the imminent danger and pursue their thirst for excitement. They want to find, above all, the fortune of their parents, which was buried in the forest years ago. Leaks of frightening grizzly bear attacks in this area are popular news, but our hikers keep ongoing. The notion of seeking their desired richness goes beyond fear. To share a part of their riches, enjoy this daunting adventure! You might come out with lots of money from this fearsome tale!

Conga Party Slot
Conga Party is a video slot that welcomes you to a fun event that can cause some pleasant wins, too. Filled with features and rewards, this slot is something you will certainly be searching for. The Conga Party wild logo will replace all other symbols with the exception of the Free Spins symbol, and allow you to win up to 1,000x your bet. Free Spin symbols give you five to ten free Spins.

Mammoth Kingdom Slot
Long ago, this humid world was an epic battleground – a searing-fire war against whirling ice storms. Yet today, a great volcano grows agitated in this icebound darkness, waking up from its slumber. Earthquakes, massive eruptions, and fiery magma waves – these represent the hour when the Mammoths march to battle once more! Join the fray, test your mettle, and take the loot for yourself, as ice titans battle a vicious rain of fire and then smash the jackpot.

American Spins Slot
The countdown ends, as audience cheering increases. High above, sparkling dance of fireworks through the night. To celebrate our great country, founded on labor, community and bravery, listen like bells toll. Move toward a bright future alongside Lady Liberty, her majestic torch lighting the road to independence. Come together in joyful songs, and open your arms to a bountiful jackpot!

Jumpin Rabbit Slot
If you're a fan of uncommon themes, then this online slot game Jumpin Rabbit might be the right slot for you. The hilarious-looking rabbit has the principal role in this game. He's an enthusiast for skydiving ready to leap off the plane at any moment. Jumpin Rabbit is composed of 5 reels and 30 set paylines. The emblem of the game is the most important symbol and if you get 5 of these symbols on a single line you get 10,000 coins.

Timber Jack Slot
Aside from the adorable cartoon graphics and outstanding gaming features, the online slot Timber Jack has 5 reels and 30 set paylines. The reels are set in a wooden frame as a dense forest peeps through the background and a bright blue sky. Any Wild symbol landing on reels 2, 3, or 4 will multiply the wins as follows: 1 Wild – multiplied by 2x, 2 Wild – multiplied by 4x, 3 Wild – multiplied by 8x.

Triple Dollar Express Slot
Game provider Bluberi Video Slot 'Triple Dollar Express' is a 5x4 reel game with amazing features that makes the game exciting such as Wild, FreeSpins, Jackpot, Scatter symbols.

Honey Business Slot
Honey Business is a five-reel slot with 3 rows and 30 fixed paylines; animation and not especially complex graphics, but the bees all look like they're having a nice time. The wild is a large 'Wild' bear, there are beehive bonus symbols and different 'Spins' symbols that trigger the additional features.

James Win Slot
James Win is a Quickfire online slot game, inspired by James Bond. James Win plays on five reels and 30 paylines. This slot game has a large WILD sign that perfectly describes the wild symbol that counts as any normal symbol when needed. When you get 3 bonus symbols on the first, third, and fifth reels, you'll unlock a bonus game with a couple of challenges that will carry cash prizes.

Big Win Waves Slot
Enjoy the West Coast plot's funky vibes, its steady sun, and limitless seas. Watch the surf dudes brave the maverick waves as they adorn the beaches with bikini babes. This is the ideal place to drink in the sun and relax. Then join in the game! The Surfing Free Spins will certainly add some additional wins to this rad beach bash.

Cherries Gone Wild Slot
Cherries Gone Wild is anything like a theme-specific classic slot and a video slot with a 5 reel 30-payline setup. This means that both classic slot machine fans and video slot enthusiasts can get a good choice. Cherries are wild in this position, as the name implies, and so you delete all other symbols except the Free Spin ones. Just those appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and you'll need to land all three to win 10 Free Spins.

Alpha Spirit Slot
A long howl echoes over the night time ice, and in the dark moonlight, a menacing figure rises. The air gleams with fear, for the snowy waste tonight is prowling with a good spirit. Sharp eyes are piercing the shadows, ever alert, for this is his domain – the Alpha Spirit land. War chief in this beastly world, he gives safety and wealth to his territories and loyal family through tooth and claw. Were you smart enough and powerful enough to rule your own destiny, take the reward, and unleash your Alpha Spirit?