The Incredible Balloon Slot

The Incredible Balloon

The Incredible Balloon Machine: Overview

It is apparent at this point that virtually all sports and games are suspended due to the rampaging Coronavirus pandemic which has left a lot of gamers bored as everyone keeps observing the self-isolation guidelines.

No way! With Wazobet, there are no rooms for any kind of boredom. Wazobet online casino platform has prepared for its users some very easy, interesting boredom-killing games which you can play, win big and more importantly, they require little or no experience whatsoever before you can start winning.

So therefore, Wazobet online casino games are here to keep you going as you quarantine.

Have you heard about the Incredible Balloon Machine?

This is one game that not only will it fetch you winning possibilities, the fun in playing it alone is incredible.

If there is a way to award a slot game that comes with uniqueness, then the Incredible Balloon Machine will win it with so much ease. This particular game is unique for its simplicity and minimalism, call it an epitome of all slot games and you won't be wrong.

The developers have tried as much as possible to cut out any complexity that usually comes with other kinds of games - we have no reels to spin, rows, symbols or symbol combinations - and that is why it is easy for all. Technically, it remains a slot game because you will still play it in rounds where you have to keep blowing a balloon continuously to win.

In this game, instead of a spin, you will hold down a button. This will activate the machine to blow up a balloon at a time with the size of the balloon becoming a determinant for your winnings.

The developers also managed to add some special features which provide players with a free bonus round too and also give winning multipliers. These multipliers could increase your wins by percentages that will blow off your mind if you get lucky.

The Incredible Balloon Machine game is provided by Crazy Tooth Studio, a partner of MicroGaming software provider, so now you know Wazobet is giving you an incredible fun game.

The Incredible Balloon Machine: How to play

Now let us go into the in-depth aspect of the game, the set up and how it is actually played. Just as the name of the game has indicated, The Incredible Balloon Machine simply requires you to blow up a balloon as much as you can to keep winning, the bigger it goes, the braver you get, the bigger your wins but ensure it does not pop-burst before you claim your winnings.

The game has a serene set up with colourful balloons and a filling machine that you will hold to keep inflating the balloons to make it bigger.

On Wazobet, the game theme is set up on a sky looking blue background, fleeting clouds and the background music is lit, the sound in-play is also soothing, these mix and blend sparks the excitement of playing the game while you keep filling up the balloon and ensuring you don't burst it.

Note that, there are no reels, no spins, no payline, no symbols, the only thing you have is the activating button you hold to blow the balloon which is just at the base of your screen; so should you wonder how you will win, just put in mind that your task is to hold on to the 'blow button' and keep enlarging the balloon as the bigger it goes, the more your winnings which is visibly seen on screen will be.

Your biggest challenge is making sure the balloon does not burst before tapping the 'Collect button' to claim your win. On some platforms, you will have to also contend with a quick switch from the blow button to the collect button but with Wazobet, while you step off your foot from the gas pedal of the blow button, you have 5 seconds grace to press the Collect button hence making it easier.

Did you know that as long as you press the spin button and the balloon keeps expanding, hence your winnable prize can grow from 5% to as much as 7,000%? That is how massive you can win with a wager. You just have to focus and be brave.

However, the balloons can pop at any random time. So, you need to be smart to know how long you want to keep blowing the button before you hit the collect button because if you fail to hit the collect button to claim your prize before the balloon burst then you will miss out and lose your wager.

If you have made up your mind as a strategy to collect the points at an early stage, the game is also prepared for this as the balloon too can burst just at the very first moment it is gathering momentum, meaning it can burst at any time.

So expect some vague or dead spins in between as well, however, when you experience this particular game, you won't need to be further convinced it is a fun and easy game to cash in on.

The main goal is keep the Balloon inflated as much as you can because the bigger it goes, the bigger your win but if it bursts, you lose.

The Incredible Balloon Machine: Try for Free

To be sure you are well rounded and good enough before you can play for real money, Wazobet in its usual style has made available a demo version where you can play for free. More or less, learning the ropes!

Wazobet will equip you with free money to keep trying your hand with until you have full inklings as to what the game is about and how to perfectly play it having understood the nitty-gritty.

Check out this link to play for free and learn the Incredible Balloon Machine: demo version.

From there you will see the features in full options and you will be able to keep play while you learn. You don't need to put in your money, you will be given a virtual credit to play with and it is equally exciting because you will have had a typical experience in the same way you would when you start playing with real money.

The Incredible Balloon Machine: Use Non Deposit to Win Real Money

How sweet are online casino games that come with incredible bonuses which are unattached to making fund deposits? They are so sweet!

This is one of the biggest advantages of playing the Incredible Balloon Machine as it present you as a player 2 separate non-deposit bonuses:

  • The Multiplier Bonus
  • Pick Bonus

The Multiplier Bonus

This is one of the extra or special features built into the Incredible Balloon Machine as it adds some extra incentive to your winnings, its perhaps the most frequent bonus or extra you will always get.

If a certain credit amount displays on the balloon at a point while the wager is equally on, then the multiplier bonus can be randomly triggered, but how?

A bunch of light bulbs will appear on the screen displaying multiplier figures of x2, x3, x4, x5, x7, and x10. Each of these bulbs will keep lighting up in turn until one is chosen and then the multiplier is applied to the amount won at that time.

Pick Bonus

This is the second special feature in bonus if you play the Incredible Balloon Machine, this will display rounds of balloons on the screen that players can choose one at a time.

This feature gives bonus rounds which can be activated when a black/gold balloon suddenly appears randomly on your screen.

Expanding the balloon to the desired size without letting it pop will trigger what we call the Pick Bonus. At this point, the player is taken to a new screen with different balloons in display, whichever one you pick can reveal cash bonuses or a x2 multiplier that is applied to the cumulated win amount.

There is also an Advance option or Complete option in this feature where Advance moves the game to the next round and Complete ends the bonus round.

The Incredible Balloon Machine: Conclusion

Well, the Incredible Balloon Machine looks really incredible starting with the design, the game interface and its uniqueness. You will have to agree that it is quite different from the conventional slot games and even a lot different from the common slots we see today.

Being a really fast paced game, it can sometimes become overwhelming but if you are really in for a moment of continuous run of games to keep you alert for a long stretch then this is the game you are looking for.

It is sincerely advisable that you play the free game for a start, learn the nitty-gritty, be sure you are fully convinced you can ride, even though it is a simple game, don't take chances.

In the end, you will have to appraise the developer for a great job well done, this game is distinctive!