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Tip -Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao 03/01/2020

Spanish LaLiga is well-underway. The next match will be between Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao. Read our Wazobet prediction to see which one of these two teams will come out as the winner.Sevilla will host their opponents at Estadio Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán on Friday.

Sevilla form for match with  
                 Athletic Bilbao

Sevilla Form

Sevilla is currently on 3rd place in the LaLiga standings table, 5 points behind the league leaders, Barcelona. They went through last nine LaLiga games unbeaten. But, on the other hand, they have had too many draws. Sevilla has a good track-record of home game wins, so we believe the ball is in their park.

Athletic Bilbao Form for match with Sevilla

Athletic Bilbao Form

Even though they haven’t had much luck this season in LaLiga, they seem to be upping their game. We think they are determined and capable of scoring a goal, but it’s unlikely they will actually win the game. Keep reading to see what our exact prediction for this match is.

Tip - 5 Most Important Facts about the Match

  1. The average number of goals Sevilla scored in their home games is 1,8.

  2. The average number of away goals scored by Athletic Bilbao is 1,1.

  3. The teams have played against each other 35 times, and the average number of goals they have scored is 3,1 per match.

  4. In the previous 7 away In the previous 7 away league games, Athletic Bilbao lost against Sevilla.

  5. In the last two away games, Athletic Bilbao have lost both times.

Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao Tip - Conclusion

Their previous encounter resulted in a win for Sevilla, who scored 2 goals. Athletic Bilbao didn’t manage to score any goals in that match. Our prediction would be at Sevilla 2:1 Athletic Bilbao. Head over to Wazobet and get the best odds.

Results of previous clashes
  • Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao: 2:0
  • Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao: 3:1
  • Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao: 0:2
  • Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao: 0:1
  • Sevilla vs Athletic Bilbao: 2:0

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