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Rocket Dice

Guide How to Play Rocket Dice Casino Game

Here, we want to look at a very age-long game that comes with the most basic act of play known to everyone. This game is popularly known by all because of its total similarity with what everyone already knows, the Dice Game!

Rocket Dice just like its name connote is played tossing two dice and the outcome pretty much determines how much you have claimed.

Well, this game is just one of the many very interesting sets of games that Wazobet has got lined up for its users. Wazobet online casino games presently have well over 2500 games to pick from, games that will offer you excitement just as you keep winning and of course, they are stress free as games are actually supposed to be stress relief.

You certainly don't want to miss this Rocket Dice game on Wazobet for anything which includes the non-deposits bonuses available. This can even double or triplicate your winning.

And in wake of what seems like a global lockdown due to the rampaging Covid-19, staying at home and staying safe is key but having a great fun companion makes it even more exciting, pick up your mobile device and attempt the Rocket Dice for fun and to grab some cash.

Rocket Dice: Overview

Games with random number generation have existed for as long as most of the casino games have even from the days of playing at the bricks and mortar, so it is not only peculiar to playing slots as it simply cut across.

First, let us profile the game itself, Rocket Dice is developed by one of the world's renowned online casino game software developers BGAMING and it has been well integrated into the Wazobet Online Casino Gaming Platform for your seamless enjoyment.

Find below the details of it property:

  • Release Date: October 22, 2018
  • Game type: dice
  • Return to Player (RTP): 99%
  • Progressive: No
  • Bonus Game: No
  • Platform Availability: iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows

Now, the surprising thing about this game is that it requires no rigorous activity than finding yourself rolling two dice to determine the outcome of every turn. Each of the dice to be randomly thrown is a cuboid object with numbers from one to six.

When both dice are rolled at a time using a dice cup, the part of the dice on top, facing up are added and the result is summated as this will then form a base to determine if you won or not.

In this game, two dice when rolled from the dice cup is to provide a combined figure for a player to correctly guess whether the outcome of the dice will be higher or lower than the number that has been chosen from 2 – 12 with the parameters being called as 'UNDER' or 'OVER'.

Rocket Dice: How to play - step by step guide how to play and what is the goal of game

Before we plunge into the nitty-gritty, have it at the back of your mind that you are playing a fun game, easy game, no residual knowledge required, no disadvantage in lacking years of online casino experience. It is a game requiring solely your intuition.

Let's surge ahead and into the deep step-to-step guide on how to play the game. Rocket Dice is an exciting, boredom killing with its visual and graphical appealing theme, high-paying and simple dice game that can fetch you amazing outcomes.

Aside from its slick graphical display, soothing to the eyes that show you how two dice roll shooting out of the dice cup sparking some nostalgia if you are used to playing dice game but this comes with few unique features that can help you increase your wins and win rate.

Follow strictly the explanation given below to have a better understanding of the Rocket Dice game rudimentary

You will have to activate two dice to roll out on every given attempt by holding on to the button below, before you will roll the dice, you must select a number from the top right-hand corner of your screen, these numbers two and twelve. After which you will choose either you want to play for 'Under' or 'Over'.

Let's have a look at the UNDER or Over rules, If you have chosen the OVER option, this will simply mean that you are betting on rolling out the dice to produce an outcome whose combined number will be higher than the number you selected.

If you have chosen the UNDER option, this also will simply imply that you are betting on rolling out the dice to produce an outcome whose combined number will be lower than the number you selected.

Each of the numbers between 2 and 12 that you can pick to place as UNDER or OVER has a multiplier, so upon selection, the amount of money you bet will be multiplied by that multiplier to determine your payout if you eventually win.

Typically, the major aim of the Rocket Dice is that you keep rolling out your dice to get a combined number which must be higher or lesser to the number you must have picked between 2-12 and stating if you want to throw figures over the chosen number or under to the chosen number. It is that simple!

Rocket Dice: Try for Free

As interesting and easy as Rocket Dice game presents itself, it also easily eliminates the gulf between being an expert and a neophyte, it is also imperative that you learn to play for free before you commit your resources to playing for real money.

Wazobet has made this so easier for all of its users to have free access to a demo version of the game which typifies the actual game without any hidden features.

This will afford you the best opportunity to play this game over and over again, build a strategy along the line hereby learning the ropes. From the game interface, just at the top of the game, you will also see a button in question (?), click that to also get more information on the game especially the multipliers.

To play the trial version of Rocket Device on Wazobet, follow this link and you will be directed straight to the demo version.

Click on it and you will be exploring the features to your satisfaction then you can choose to play with your money to win real cash.

Rocket Dice: Use Non Deposit to Win Real Money

As with so many games on Wazobet online casino, the bonuses are enormous and free for all, easy for all to claim and it is nothing different when playing the Rocket Dice.

The Rocket Dice also has a unique feature that offers every player a chance to duplicate and even triplicate their wins and this comes without you needing to make extra depositd to claim such bonus.

This bonus is strictly gained in-play and it is generous as it comes in every round you win. This feature bonus is called the 50/50 Risk Option.

While this 50/50 Risk can increase your win by up 300%, it can equally make you lose your initial winning but again the chances are just 50/50 as it is stated and my experience says oftentime, you will win more than you will lose it, so always grab the option when it comes but don't get too greedy.

The 50/50 Risk option is made available to you after every successful bet is won and this allows you to increase your win with another round of a mini-game. As soon as you choose to play for the bonus, click on the Risk button after winning on a roll, you will then be taken to an entirely different screen in which you can pick 3 numbers from the 6 possibilities available on standard dice's face.

After you must have picked the 3 numbers from 1 to 6, the game will roll a single-dice and whatever outcome produced between I to 6, if it matches any of your 3 numbers you have initially picked, your win would be double.

Having won a double, you can still go one step further to repeat that process again to double your last double if you win again in the same round.

In the 50/50 Risk game, there are no rules to the combination of the 3 numbers you can pick. You can make your selections to be the even numbers or the odd numbers or a blend of both.

Rocket Dice: Conclusion

Rocket Dice is certainly a game that will help you while away time unaware, you could be playing for 5 solid hours and it will just seem like 15 minutes, it is vary fast and intuitive, the risk is not exactly enormous and setting your OVER and UNDER means your can clearly decide your own fate and the risk level your want to expose yourself to.

However, don't forget the free trial mode provided by Wazobet to ensure you are well in tune with the game before playing for real money.

The game is neat, perfect for leisure, as with most of BGAMING designed games, your entertainment is top priority.

Hit Wazobet online casino today, search for the Rocket Dice and keep winning!