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Tip - Germany vs Belarus 16/11/2019. Daily Wazobet Football Tips

Tip - Germany vs Belarus 16/11/2019

Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.” this Gary Lineker quote is the perfect intro for the game that is ahead of us. Germany vs Belarus is going to be at best mediocre game, this is not a football game that will excite casual football fans, but with the most certainty we can say that people who bet are going to love this one, to sum it up Germany have to win this one and they have the tools and will to do it, on the other side Belarus although they won in their group earlier, is not looking that good right now.

Germany form for match with Belarus

Germany form

Germany is doing great, with only one loss in the last five games they are not showing signs of slowing down. Have in mind that Germany suffered a major tragedy when they were knocked out World Championship in Russia as a world champs at a time, at the steak of bad luck continued after that, so they have a lot to prove to themselves and to others as well. They scored an average of 3.17 goals in the last six games, so we can expect dynamic games with at least two goals on the Germany side.

Belarus form for the match with Germany

Belarus form

Belarus, on the other hand, is not doing that great, they only won one game in the last six, their only win was against objectively (and probably the worst team in the group) weaker Estonia. They scored an average of 0.5 goals per game in their last six games, which says a lot about dynamic and their overall game in general.

5 Most Important Facts About this match:

  1. Germany is on the successful streak and they are not showing signs of slowing down

  2. Germany has scored ten goals in their two home games in this group.

  3. Belarus only scored 1 goal in the last two games

  4. Belarus lost two of their three away games

  5. Germany need to win this match to stay in the top two of this group

Conclusion of the Tip

To summarize German needs to win this game, and they have all the necessary tools to do it, on the other hand Belarus is not doing that great especially when they are playing away. Probable outcome here is on Germany to win this game and be ahead at both half and full time. If you want more bang for your buck we would advise you to play over 3.5 goals. And remember, football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win!

  • Germany v Belarus2:2
  • Belarus v Germany0:2

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