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An indication of the credibility and security of an online establishment is the gaming license. A legalized economic activity is an honest game proves that provides good winnings to players. All activity of Wazobet is regulated by the license of Curacao and Lagos State Lottery Board and in accordance with the rules and laws of the country. The Curacao license is issued by the Curacao Ministry of Justice, The Nigeria license is issued by Lagos State Lottery Board. Compliance with the political and legal decisions of the authorities remains the company's priority. Keep in mind that Wazobet allows you to play only the adults(18+).
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Licensed and regulated by Curacao eGaming Association

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You don't need much to taste a real game, just sing up to Wazobet and make your first deposit. It will open you the door to the gaming world with a single click. Regardless of your skills, whether being a beginner or an expert in online gaming - the chance to win is for everyone.

Info protection

Wazobet acquired the symbol of confidence due to strict following of the norms of the electronic commerce. For many years we are guaranteeing the highest level of protection of players' data against various fraudulent actions, illegal collection of information by third parties or loss of information in full.
How is such powerful protection provided? First of all, it is physical and real information protection, constant control of access to it, the use of various systems that do not allow failures, as well as modern methods for encoding and encrypting information. That is why Emerald bets International ltd. uses the most reliable systems that are available today. Among them: 128-bit SSL encryption system, effective data protection firewalls as well as a five-step security system. Emerald bets International ltd. also uses special programs that help instantly detect and prevent any fraudulent action and manipulation.


Identification of the player during the registration process
Due to security reasons the data of every player is our responsibility. Wazobet guarantees the honesty of any game in our Casino. Through various channels we strictly control access to the games for children under 18, illegal actions related to money laundering or the receipt of profits. For fair payments Wazobet requests confirmation of the identity of the player: date of birth, name and surname, proof of address, CPF etc.

Online transactions
Wazobet uses only the best coding technologies to work with gambling software. Online payment systems are also protected through the work of our partners. They allow to perform all transactions quickly and neatly, regardless of the distance of the player and the amount of the transaction.

Notice of addiction to the game
The issue of the prevention of gambling addiction is very popular in the sphere of online games. That is why, after studying the research of The Cambridge Union Society, in Wazobet were developed the measures related to the protection of players against the influence of gambling addiction. For example, on the basis of research into early dependence on players, unique methods have been created that stop the development of dependence. Such methods were included in the parameters of all the games that are available in Wazobet.

Social obligations
Any online gambling company understands its responsibility to society and respects its opinion. That is why Wazobet's policy is based on the basic dogmas related to social groups, ecology and economy of the countries. And that's why social relations are so reliably related to the economic responsibility of the Wazobet. The positive perception of the gambling activities by the society is what on the work of our gambling house is based.

Protection of minors
In Wazobet can only play people who were 18 years old when registering an account. Players must keep their private data including the access to their account (password, login, secret questions and their answers) in a safe place.

Means of regulations

The Wazobet team offers an innovative look into the situation in the online gaming market. We started in 2011, showing good results, with new players always joining us. The youth of Wazobet is an advantage, and a new vision always having better conditions, will find the new directions for our players. So players are the greatest asset in this business, forcing online platforms to be honest, open and delivering high quality services.

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Trade name & official name: Emerald bets international ltd

Adress: 7a Oduduwa street, Apapa, Lagos state, Nigeria

Correspondence address: [email protected]

Online technical support on a chat basis works 24 hours a day, without holidays.

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